Iran-Italy co production will be on the stage on 7th and 8th Feb at Farshchian Art Complex                 Ordibehesht Art Academy becomes Academy level1!                   The Mobarak UNIMA office has been opened for the first time in Isfahan and the supervision is Omid Niaz

Le Bel Indefferent

"Le Bel Indefferent" Piece en un acte de Jean Cocteau 1953;
Directed by Omid Niaz started in Ordibehesht theater academy.
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"La Società della Civetta" and "East Nano Aroosak" present:

"La Società della Civetta" and "East Nano Aroosak" present:

"1+1" a co-production theater between Iran and Italy, written and directed by Omid Niaz & Guglielmo Papa (live music and sound design: Tiziano Popoli) was invited to Germany for the second time and also to South Korea.
The theater was performed in Germany for three days from 21 July 2014 and then went to South Korea. The group is performing the theater and holding workshops from 24 July to 5 August 2014 at Intʼl Family Festival in South Korea.
"1+1" was staged at International Fadjr Festival in Tehran, Iran on 2013 and later was invited to Germany and Italy. After successful performances in these two countries, the theater was performed in Iran for the second time on 2014.


La Società della Civetta″ and ″East Nano Aroosak″ present

Written and directed by: Guglielmo Papa & Omid Niaz
live music and sound design: Tiziano Popoli

Esfahan, Iran: 2014/04/16 - 2014/0422
Yazd, Iran: 2014/04/24 - 2014/04/25
Shiraz, Iran: 2014/04/26 – 2014/04/28

This play is about two men from two different worlds, each with their own baggage, each with their own past, meet in a same land…

Suitable age: over 5-year-old and adults

“1+1” is a co-production between Italy and Iran, a collaboration between “La Società della Civetta”, company of Bologna, and “East Nano Aroosak”, award-winning children theatre company in Esfahan, with the support of Dramatic Art Center of Tehran and Ordibehest Institute of Esfahan.
The world premiere of “1+1” took place at  International Fadjr Festival in Tehran on January 28th, 2013.
"1+1" was presented in Freiburg, Germany and Bologna, Italy on October 2013.

This play will be on the stage in Germany, England, South Korea and Taiwan in 2014.

More information:

1+1 Isfahan on the stage

1+1 written and directed by Omid Niaz and Guglielmo Papa will be on the stage on 7th and 8th FEB at Farshchian Art Complex Hall.
This play was on the stage in 31st Fadjr International Festival and was very welcomed.
This Play is going to be on the stage in sprig in Italy...

Fadjr Festival with 1+1

An Iran-Italy co production: 1+1 directing with Guglielmo Papa(the famous Italian actor and director) and Omid Niaz will be on the stage on 28th JAN in Fadjr Festival. This play is about two people who are competing on a boundary. Being friends avoid isolation and removing the borders are some concepts of this play...
After Fadjr Festival this play will be on the stage in Italy and United Kingdom.

ordibehesht Academy becoms Academy level1

For the first time in Isfahan:” Ordibehesht Art Academy
after 4 years activity in art;
Becomes Academy level1…
It’s worth noting that; this academy has dedicated a lot of artists in acting and narration fields to the cinema, theater and TV community.
This academy is co working with Italian co.:” La Societa Della Civetta” from 2011 till now, and every year has held a lot of workshops with Italian, German, and famous cinema and theater artists.

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